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August 2022 Updates


Lawley, 1:19 scale (IN DELIVERY)

- USA customers should order now for delivery near the end of August

Beira Railway Green

SAR Dark Green

SAR Black

Available Now for Shipment:

AMS 1:20.3 High Side Gondolas

Aster BR 5MT (Green Factory Built RTR Only) $4600

Upcoming Deliveries

D&RGW C-18, 1:20.3 scale

- Watch the latest sample of the live steam C-18 running at Lodi Summer Steam Up.

- Electric prototype is in assembly with photos and video coming soon.

- $3200 for Kit & Electric $3600 for live steam with axle pump

Ruby, Mabel, 1:20.3 scale

- New photos on Mabel's product page here.

- Parts are at the factory, Mabel and Ruby's will be shipping in the coming weeks.

G431, 3-Bay hopper, 1:29 scale

Arriving this month (August 2022)

45T Whitcomb switcher, 2.5" scale, 7.5" gauge.

- First batch arriving this month. To reserve yours from the next production batch, please contact us. $500 refundable deposit is required.

West Coast Rail and 7.5" Gauge Curve Ties

- In Stock


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