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Delivery and Inventory Update 3/2023

Due to supply chain issues in Japan and China, we have had some challenges in recent years in getting the products on time. For that we apologize. Thank you for your continue support and understanding. Schedules below are best to our knowledge, and it can change without notice. Please call us and place your order, there is no deposit required on any orders. But your early orders can help us with the production breakdown so we can deliver the right products for you.

1:20.3 Scale

  • D&RGW C-18 Live Steam - Delivery is in progress. Thank you for the early orders, we continue to honor the old prices.

  • Ruby Live Steam - Delivery starts April 2023

  • Mabel Live Steam - Delivery starts May 2023

  • D&RGW C-18 Electric - Delivery is estimated for June 2023

  • 13T Shay Live Steam - Delivery starts July 2023

1:19 Scale

  • Lawley 4-4-0 Live Steam - In Stock

1:32 Scale

  • GWR 43XX 2-6-0 - Delivery starts April 2023

  • SP P8 Live Steam and Electric, 1:32 Scale - Delivery is estimated for August 2023

1:29 Scale

  • AML GP60/GP60M - Delivery is in progress

  • AML High Cube Box Cars - Delivery is estimated for May 2023

  • AML Bethgon - Delivery is estimated for July 2023

Accucraft Ride-on

  • 2.5" Scale Plymouth - In Stock

  • 2.5" Scale 45Ton CenterCab Diesel - In Stock

  • 1.6" Scale GP38/GP40 - In Stock

  • Mark I Coach - Delivery starts April 2023


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