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Inventory Update

C-18 live steam, RTR

Models are being shipped

C-18 live steam KIT

Delivery starts late Jan. 2023

C-18 electric

Estimated delivery for May. 2023

Plymouth, 7.5" gauge, 2.5" scale. Models are in transit to our Union City warehouse, estimated delivery late Jan. 2023

GWR 43xx

1st production unit will be done early Jan. 203. Delivery starts March. 2023

Brass 1:32 working couplers are back in stock

Brass 1:20.3 working couplers are back in stock

If you want to reach out for any reason, please email or call us at (510)324-3399.


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Check out our full inventory and price sheets to see what's available from Live Steam Station: Access it from the menu bar under "more".

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