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Lima 13-2 Class A 13 Ton Shay

Updated: May 12

Accucraft Trains - The 13-2 Class A is a 2 cylinder, 13 Ton conventional straight boiler design, and differs from other 13 Ton ‘T’ boiler and tapered boiler designs.

Today there is only one known survivor of this design of 13-2 Class A, as built for Queensland, Australia in 1908 and 1914 (Two locomotives were rebuilt into one). In 1908, the Moreton Central Sugar Mill purchased a Shay Class A called Dulong and ran the locomotive on the steep tramline from Nambour to Dulong in Queensland. Maroochy Shire Council purchased the tramline and the Dulong in 1914 extending the line to Mapleton. A second Shay locomotive was purchased in 1914, named Mapleton.

The model will be gauge adjustable for 32mm and 45mm and will come with two types of stack as typically supplied by Lima when built.

Accucraft model will be butane fired live steam with piston valves, simulated Stephenson valve gear and many features.

To serve yours, please contact us at (510) 324-3399 or email us at Delivery starts Summer 2023.

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