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Accucraft - D&RGW C-25 2-8-0 (1:20.3)

Accucraft - D&RGW C-25 2-8-0 (1:20.3)

This locomotive, a 2-8-0 or Consolidation type, originally existed as # 103 of the Crystal River Railroad, a narrow gauge line located in the Elk Mountains of central Colorado. It was built in 1903 as C/N 21757 of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, had 33” drivers, 18x20” cylinders, and a tractive effort just short of 25,000 pounds. It was a standard Baldwin design, and other narrow gauge locos of this size and type were built for railroads in the Western Hemisphere.

The D&RG purchased this locomotive from the Crystal River in 1916, numbered it # 432, this number subsequently being changed in 1924 to # 375. Originally the locomotive was a class 112, this number reflecting the total weight of the locomotive, but eventually the D&RGW changed the classification numbers of their locomotives to reflect their tractive effort, and thus the classification of C-25. Interestingly, for a while the cab of this loco carried “C-25-112” as its classification.

The C-25 was affectionately known as the “Baby Mudhen” because its pulling power was close to that of the K-27 class, those engines being known as “Mudhens.” The 375 when it was put into service in 1916 was the best steamer on the railroad at that time. Sadly, on June 21, 1949 the one and only C-25 on the D&RGW was scrapped at Alamosa, Colorado.

  • Specification

    • 1:20.3 Scale / 45 mm Gauge

    • Brass & Stainless Steel Construction

    • 48 in. (1.2 M) Mini. Radius

    • Length: 33.25 in.

    • Width: 6.44 in.

    • Height: 7.52 in.

    • Coal/Butane fired

    • Two cylinders w/ drain water valve

    • Safety valve

    • Lubricator

    • 60 PSI working pressure

    • Check valve

    • Axle water pump w/ bypass valve

    • Hand operated

  • Models

    Coal Fired C-25 is custom built.   Delivery is 2 month from reservation.

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