O.S. Live Steam Mogul

O.S. Live Steam Mogul

O.S. Engine - The Mogul in 7 1/4” and 7 1/2" gauge was first introduced in 2006 by O.S. Engines in Osaka, Japan. O.S. Engine is the world's largest company devoted solely to the manufacture of model engines and ride-on Live Steam Locomotive. The high standards of skilled craftsmanship that have been developed through the 65 years of O.S. engine production history introduced the world's first model rotary engine, and, more recently, Electronic Fuel Injection system engine ranging from the small displacement .10 engine up to the larger'Five cylinder radial four stroke 3.0 engine. For the production of O.S. engines, modern precision machinery and carefully selected top quality materials are employed to ensure consistent performance and long life. O.S.the world-wide symbol of quality and performance !


Super Heater


Shipping not included.  FOB Japan (Estimated freight & crate charge $2000)

  • Specifications

    • Gauge - 7 1/2" or 7 1/4"

    • Length - 87" (2210mm)

    • Width - 14.2" (360mm)

    • Height - 21.9" (555mm)

    • Weight/Engine (Dry): 245 lbs (112kg)

    • Weight/Tender (Dry): 123 lbs (56kg)

    • Minimum radius: 5 meters

    • Coal fired

    • Copper boiler

    • Two cylinders

    • Hand brakes

    • 100% machined and painted.

    • Max Load - 20 Adults

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