Wheels, 2.5" Scale, 33" Diameter, 25 Flange

Wheels, 2.5" Scale, 33" Diameter, 25 Flange

Accucraft Ride-On  2.5" Scale Wheels

  • Steel Construction
  • Woodruff key slot (Not pictured)
  • Next batch August 2022


WHB-2533      2.5" Scale, 33" freight car wheel with the 25 flange

  • Specifications

    Accucraft normally provides all our rolling stock and locomotive with the Quarter (25) flange, also known as the RMI-25 flange.  It was designed to provide a superior ride quality by reducing the likelihood of derailments.  This Flange is fully compatible with all railroads built to the I.B.L.S. track standards.  With it’s slightly larger tapper of 15° verses the 10° of L.B.L.S. flanges you get less flange contact to the rail.  This reduces both wheel and Flange wear.  Another benefit with the slightly taller flange, is the greater ability to not pick switchers or clime over the rail.  


    Accucraft also provides I.B.L.S. flanged wheels on all our equipment is requested at the time of orders.  We are by no means advocating the replacement of I.B.L.S. flanges, just offering an alternative design that has become accepted by many prominent builders and clubs.  


    All the wheels can be orders through are parts department, but not all can be stocked.  Only the most popular sizes will be stocked.   


    Special order wheel sizes can be made on request.