2.5" Scale 20 Ton Freight Car Trucks (Custom Built)

2.5" Scale 20 Ton Freight Car Trucks (Custom Built)


Accucraft Ride-on - D&RG 20 ton Freight Car Arch Bar Trucks of 1887-1901 


Designed by Prospector Models


This was the fifth truck designed for D&RG narrow gauge equipment. The trucks arrived a few years after the Thielsen swing motion trucks of a simliar weight rating. These model trucks are based on the D&RG standard freight car truck drawings employing coil springs. 


These trucks were most likely used on any rolling stock built or rebuilt starting in 1887, class 6 & 7 boxcars, class 18 &19 flat cars, and class 11, 12 & 12A gondolas. These cars were used on the D&RG, RGW (Utah), later the D&RGW, and second hand on the RGS. D&RG shop forces modified some of these 20 ton freight trucks with leaf springs which became the standard truck used under the D&RG 4 axle caboose fleet. 


These trucks will be supplied with “as built” Griffin foundry solid cast style wheels. Since these trucks lasted on some equipment until the end of narrow gauge operations, wheel sets would have been replaced with more modern Griffin hollow cast wheels later in their life. The models will also include the “as built” cast iron journal box covers. As these covers were broken or lost, they were replaced with simple shop made sheet steel covers as seen on most of the caboose trucks. 

These museum quality models will include cast steel 26” wheels, cast iron fittings, along with laser cut steel pieces, and period correct hardware. The perfect choice for turn of the century through, early 20th century narrow gauge rolling stock and equipment that survived until the end of operations. 


Available 2022



 Scale 2 1/2” 

Gauge 7 1/2” or 7 1/4” 

Length 15” 

Width 15” 

Height 6” 



• Cast steel Griffin wheels 

• Roller bearings 

• Factory assembled and painted 


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Price per pair.

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