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Accucraft UK 1:19 Bagnall 2-4-0T Rheidol (Deposit)

Accucraft UK 1:19 Bagnall 2-4-0T Rheidol (Deposit)

Accucraft UK -  Following the release of the gorgeous little Peckett, we are delighted to announce that our next small locomotive will be the Bagnall 2-4-0T Rheidol. One of Archangel’s most successful models in the early days of 16mm scale, we are sure many associated with the hobby will have soft spot for this engine! Originally named Treze de Maio (Portuguese for 13th May, the date on which slavery was abolished in Brazil), the engine was built by Bagnalls of Stafford for Collier Antunes for a sugar cane plantation in 1896 but never delivered as the order was cancelled, instead the locomotive was re-gauged from 2’ 5 ½” gauge to 2’ 3” gauge when it was sold to the Plynlimon and Hafan Tramway and named Talybont. In 1903, after the failure of that railway, it was purchased for the construction of the Vale of Rheidol Railway, regauged to 1’ 11 ¾” and renamed Rheidol. Absorbed by the GWR in 1923 it was numbered it 1198, but it was withdrawn and scrapped the following year, having never carried its GWR number.The model is gauge-adjustable (32mm and 45mm), gas-fired and fitted with a water top-up valve, water gauge with blow-down valve, lubricator and pressure gauge; constructed of stainless steel and etched brass with a copper boiler, the model will, as usual, be covered by our two-year warranty. The anticipated pre-order RRP is £1795.00 (subject to the usual provisos), available early 2024. Fitted with Accucraft chopper couplings, the model will be supplied with two chimneys, the original balloon stack and the more traditional type. Available in six liveries, full details can be found on the Accucraft UK website. As ever, we’d like to thank David Fletcher for his superb drawings, illustrating the livery options.


S19-39    Bagnall 2-4-0T 'Rheidol', RTR $1875.00, KIT $1695.00 

Price doesn't include freight, FOB Union City


  • S19-39A Bagnall 2-4-0T in Lined Black
  • S19-39B Bagnall 2-4-0T in Plain Black (‘1198’ plates included)
  • S19-39C Bagnall 2-4-0T in Lined Dark Green
  • S19-39D Bagnall 2-4-0T in Plain GWR Green (‘1198’ plates included)
  • S19-39E Bagnall 2-4-0T in Lined Light Green
  • S19-39F Bagnall 2-4-0T in Lined Maroon


To reserve yours, a non-refundable deposit of $150 is required.  The deposit will be applied towards the cost of your model.  We will contact you when the product is ready for delivery.

Delivery starts 7/2024

  • Specifications

    • Scale: 16mm to 1 foot (1:19)
    • Gauge: 32mm or 45mm (adjustable)
    • Length: 268mm
    • Width: 100mm
    • Height: 136mm
    • Boiler: Centre Flue
    • Working Pressure: 60psi
    • Weight: TBC
    • Minimum Radius: 600mm (2 feet)
    • Reversing Gear: Piston type, reverse by lever in the cab
    • Valve Gear: Simulated Stephenson’s link
    • Fuel: Butane Gas
    • Boiler Fittings: Safety valve, pressure gauge, water gauge with blow-down valve
    • Cab Controls: Steam regulator, gas regulator, reverse lever, lubricator

    ‘1198’ numberplates (supplied loose as indicated)


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