AML 1:29 3-Bay Hopper (2022)

AML 1:29 3-Bay Hopper (2022)

  • 1:29 Scale
  • 3-Bay Hopper Car
  • Die-cast truck w/ metal wheels
  • Majority cars available July, 2022


Road Numbers

  • G431-02: CSX A) 259402 B)259700 C)260344 D)260420 (Available end of May, 2022)
  • G431-04: CN A)765314 B)765878 C)767651 D)767725 (
  • G431-05: Burlington Northern A)448841 B)448913 C)449069 D)449515
  • G431-06: UP A)87504 B)87873 C)88099 D)88312
  • G431-07: CONRAIL A)890532 B)890556 C)890647 D)890661 (Available end of May, 2022)
  • G431-08: ATSF A)315343 B)315477 C)315545 D)315662 (Available end of May, 2022)
  • G431-10: BNSF A)466385 B)466674 C)470123 D)470379
  • Illinois Central - Made exclusive for RLD Hobbies
  • Rock Island - Made exclusive for RLD Hobbies
  • MKT - Made exclusive for RLD Hobbies
  • Chessie - Made exclusive for RLD Hobbies
  • Milwaukee Road - Made Exclusive for RLD Hobbies
  • Gold West Service - Made Exclusive for RLD Hobbies
  • Southern Pacific Black Widow - Made Exclusive for Gold Coast Station
  • Canadian Pacific - Made Exclusive for Winona Garden (Canada)
  • Models

    We will try to select different car numbers for multiple orders of the same rolling stock or will notify you if that is not possible.  Refer to the item description for available numbers.  If you prefer a particular car number, please indicate that in a message to us during checkout.