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AMS Jackson & Sharp Passenger Coach SE

AMS Jackson & Sharp Passenger Coach SE

AMS - D&RGW passenger cars were originally built by the Jackson Sharp company in the early 1880’s. The D&RG rebuilt them over the years with larger windows, and other improvements on an as needed basis. In the 1920’s the coaches went through the car shops again to have more improvements made. This included having the bodies and platforms lowered, under-frame reinforced, and extension side bearings installed. Accucraft’s models are of the later rebuilt cars. 

The C&S and RGS all acquired these cars over the years, and the D&RG, and the D&RGW rebuilt these cars so many times that today it can be hard to tell how many changes were done. If you would like to see a very nice restoration of these coaches visit the Colorado State Railway Museum in Golden Colorado.


Our newest SE special edition of these coaches feature a stronger, more secure construction, ball bearing wheels standard, and new LED lights that can be track or battery powered. 


Note: New yellow bumble bee coaches are a different shade of yellow compared to previous productions.


Available now:

  • Unlettered Red
  • Unlettered Bumble Bee Yellow Double Stripe
  • D&RGW Green
  • RGS Red
  • D&RGW Bumble Bee Yellow Double Stripe


On Backorder

  • Unlettered Green
  • C&S Green
  • D&RG Red
  • D&RGW Bumble Bee Yellow Single Stripe
  • Specifications

    • 1:20.3 Scale / 45mm Gauge

    • Plastic body, Brass casting Construction

    • 4 ft. Mini. Radius

    • Length: 27.5 in. (699 mm)

    • Width: 5 in. (127 mm)

    • Height: 7.38 in. (188 mm)

    • Weight: 6 lbs. (2.73 kg)

  • Features

    • Die-cast sprung trucks

    • Metal ball bearing wheels

    • Full interior details

    • Full underbody details

    • Operating doors

    • Working knuckle couplers

    • LED Interior lighting, track or battery powered


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