AML Gunderson High Cube Box Cars

AML Gunderson High Cube Box Cars

Gunderson High Cube Box Cars (Ongoing Production)


Our first batch of Union Pacific Yellow, D&RGW Yellow, Cotton Belt, and Golden West Service have come and gone! We will be making more with the next batch coming early 2022.


Our next shipment coming late 2021 will have the following:

G411-01 TTX Yellow (New car numbers)

G411-02 CSX Blue (New car numbers)

G411-03 Norfolk Southern 

G411-05 Burlington Northern Green

G411-09 Wisconsin Central Maroon

G411-10 BNSF Brown

G411-11 Chicago Northwestern Green

G411-13 IB&T Green

G411-18 Santa Fe Red


AML Custom Runs


Contact us to enquire about Accucraft Trains custom run program for our plastic models. Your dream roadname, real or freelance, can be made into a reality for any of our existing plastic projects.


  • 100 car minimum. Up to 2 artworks per 100 cars and 4 car numbers per artwork.

  • Artwork can be supplied or done by us for a $200 design fee each.

  • $200 tooling set up fee per artwork.


Special Offer: During this High Cube reservation window, customs runs of High Cube Box Cars do not need to meet the 100 car minimum. Only 20 cars are needed per art design. Normal set up costs apply. Contact us to discuss pricing.


G411-00X 50' Hi-Cube Box Car - Unlettered

G411-00x Unlettered, Grey, Unit - IN STOCK -
G411-01x TTX, Yellow (2021)
G411-02x CSX “Big Blue”, Blue (2021)
G411-03x Norfolk Southern, Brown (2021)
G411-04x Southern Pacific, Brown (2022) 
G411-05x Burlington Northern, Green (2021)
G411-06x Union Pacific, Brown (2022 Depending on preorders)
G411-07x Canadian National, Brown Discontinued)
G411-08x Canadian Pacific, Red (Discontinued)
G411-09x Wisconsin Central, Maroon (2021)
G411-10x BNSF Railway, Brown (2021)
G411-11x Chicago & North Western, Green (2021)
G411-12x Illinois Central, Gray (Discontinued)
G411-13x International Bridge & Terminal, Green (2021)
G411-14x Stone Container Corp., Green (Discontinued)
G411-15x Union Pacific, Yellow, (2022) 
G411-16x D&RGW, Yellow, (2022)
G411-17x Cotton Belt, Brown (2022)
G411-18x Sante Fe, Brown (2021)
G411-19x Golden West Service (2022)
  • Specification

    • 1:29 Scale / 45mm Gauge

    • Plastic body, Brass casting

    • 48 in. mini. radius

    • Length:  33.25 in. ( 844.55 mm)

    • Width:  4.73 in. ( 120.14 mm)

    • Height:  7.0 in. ( 177.8 mm)

  • Features

    • Finely detailed plastic body

    • Sprung die-cast trucks with metal wheels

    • Detailed underbody

    • 14 different road names in 1st run, also available undecorated

    • Decorated cars available with four different road numbers

    • 3 coupers mounting options included: body mount, truck mount, or loop truck mount


  • Pre-Order Instructions

    • Select "Manual Payment" on step 3 in checkout process

  • Car Numbers

    We will try to select different car numbers for multiple orders of the same rolling stock or will notify you if that is not possible.  Refer to the item description for available numbers.  If you prefer a particular car number, please indicate that in a message to us during checkout.