Fowler Ploughing Engine (1" Scale)

MaxiTrak - Fowler were the leading manufacturer of steam ploughing equipment from the 1870s. In use there would be two engines, one either side of the field. The wire rope on the drum under one engine was wound out and attached to a double ended plough. The other engines rope was attached to the other end of the plough. The plough could then be pulled across the field by each engine in turn, both engines moving forward as the ploughing progressed. This method prevented the heavy engines from compacting the soil as they would with direct action ploughing.Other implements could be used instead of the plough, to harrow or land drain fields for example. One particular job which is still the reserve of the steam plough engine is dredging lakes and rivers, the great length of wire rope used in steam ploughing being ideal for this job.Our model represents the class BB1 engine, the largest engine to see common use in the UK. It comes as a twin cylinder compound, with two speed gearing and a coal fired boiler. There is a crankshaft driven boiler feed pump with bypass valve, and all the correct cable plough drum equipment with bevel gear drive and clutch, as on full size.

Fowler Ploughing Engine (1" Scale)

    • Scale 1" (1:12)
    • Length: 20.60"

    • Width: 8.31"

    • Height: 11.93"

    • Weight: 30.86 lbs

    • Boiler: Copper silver solder

    • Coal Fired


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