MaxiTrak - L.M.S 4F (5" Gauge)

MaxiTrak - L.M.S 4F (5" Gauge)

MaxiTrak - The Midland railway had a long history of 0-6-0 freight locomotives going back to the Victorian period, the final version of the locomotive type was the Fowler designs 4F. The first example was built in 1911 and was in batch product from this date right up to the 1940s, some examples were built by outside contractors rather than the Midland Railway or the LMS.


No less than seven hundred and seventy two 4Fs were produced over the years making them the largest single class of engines taken in to British Railways ownership in 1948. They were an iconic LMS medium size freight engine and proved themselves a popular choice for the odd summer passenger excursion as well. They lasted up to the mid 1960s, virtually to the end of BR steam, and four have made it in to preservation 44422 being one of them.


The model is a faithful copy of the full size engine complete with Fowler 3500 gallon tender. It has a coal fired copper boiler, four row radiant super heater, screw reverser, Stephensons link valve gear, piston valves, hand pump, crosshead pump etc.


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  • Specifications

    • Scale: 27mm to the Ft.  1:11.3
    • Gauge: 5"
    • Length: 864mm
    • Width: 216mm
    • Height: 348mm
    • Weight: 37.5kg (dry)
    • Wheel base: 423mm
    • Wheel Dia: 126mm
    • Minimum Radius: 15ft Rad
    • Boiler: Copper silver solder