MaxiTrak - J94 Austerity 0-6-0 (5" Gauge)

MaxiTrak - J94 Austerity 0-6-0 (5" Gauge)

MaxiTrak - During the Second World War the British army had a need for a small tank engine. With specific requirements in mind the design chosen was an update of a standard Hunslet industrial locomotive. It was a short wheelbase powerful 0-6-0 saddle tank well suited to the task in hand, able to deal with heavy trains on rough or steeply curved track.


Our model faithfully represents its full-size counterpart in 5" gauge. It has the same attributes, being capable of pulling 6 to 8 adults and will negotiate curves down to 10 ft radius. It is the latest in a series of 0-6-0 designs built over the last decade to a well proven design. We are producing it as a ready to run model or in painted kit form with silver soldered or copper TIG welded boiler. Maxitrak with over 40 years’ experience in garden railway modelling are producing this J94 in conjunction with Accucraft & Aster to give you a top quality kit to build at home. The TIG welded boilers are unique to Maxitrak and represent the strongest boiler you can produce using modern boiler making technics. Both TIG welded and silver soildered boilers are fully CE certified and tested in the UK, a useful addition to any railways locomotive roster.


Estimated Delivery Spring 2021

Price doesn't include freight.  FOB UK

  • Specifications

    • Gauge. 5"
    • Livery: Maroon, Black BR
    • Length: 812mm
    • Width: 224mm
    • Height: 327mm
    • Weight: 36kg (dry)
    • Wheel base: 299mm
    • Wheel Dia: 115mm
    • Minimum Radius10ft Rad
    • Boiler: Copper silver solder Or optional copper TIG welded
    • cylinders: 40mm bore by 50mm stroke in cast iron
    • valve gear: Stephenson's link valve gear 
    • superheater:.Four row stainless radiant superheater
    • Boiler feed: hand pump, crosshead pump, injector option.
    • Displacement lubricator, mechanical option.
    • Screw down brakes
    • Extensive use is made of stainless steel and bronze in construction.