Accucraft - Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Forney #6 (7/8ths)

Accucraft - Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Forney #6 (7/8ths)

Accucraft Trains - Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Forney #6


The Portland Company constructed 0-4-4 Forney #5 in 1891 for the Sandy River Railroad.  The locomotive was named "N.B. Neal" and operated this way until 1908 when the Sandy River, Franklin & Megantic, Philips & Rangeley, along with their respective subsidiary railroads merged to form the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes.  At this time the locomotive was renumbered to SR&RL #6.  In 1925 the locomotive was sold the Kennebec Central, becoming their #4.  She was again sold in 1933 to the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington as their #9.  After the WW&F railroad was abandoned in 1936-37, it was purchased and stored near Putnam, Connecticut. 


In December 1994, an agreement was reached with the estate for WW&F #9 and its return to Maine for eventual restoration.  Over the course of several years the locomotive was restored and is now featured in regular excursion over a restored section of the railroad.   


Our 7/8ths Forney is pictured here with a wood SR&RL Box Car 85 and SR&RL flat car with pulp wood rack. They were built from  newly released Phil's Narrow Gauge kits. These meticulously detailed wood kits are sold separately and available now for order from Phil's Narrow Gauge. Production is limited.

Box Car 85: $300 kit + S&H. 

Flat car: $180 kit + S&H.

Pulp wood rack: $35 + S&H.

More info about the kit:

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  • Specifications

    Scale: 7/8ths (1:13.7)

    Gauge: 45mm

    Min. Radius:  8 ft.

    Dimensions: Length 22.1 in (562 mm), Width 6.1 in (155mm), Height 8.7 in (221mm)

    Construction: Brass & Stainless Steel

    Boiler: Copper boiler, Ceramic Burner or Coal Fired

  • Features

    60 psi working pressure

    Two cylinders

    Full working Stephenson valve gear

    Safety valve (Two)

    Displacement lubricator

    Water level gauge

    Pressure gauge

    Throttle and blower

    Forward/Reverse Johnson bar