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Aster Hobby - Japan National Railway Passenger Cars (1:32)

Aster Hobby - Japan National Railway Passenger Cars (1:32)

Aster Hobby - Japan National Railways Passenger Car SUHA Series is a group ofPassenger Cars which had been made by Japan National Railways since 1951.


Ministry of Railways who was a predecessor of Japan National Railways had made 20 meter class steel passenger cars since 1929. SUHA had been developed based on above ars by applying innovative systems to chassis structure and interiors inside cars. In comparison with other passenger cars, SUHA was a breakthrough car by improving interior comfort drastically.


SUHA had variations such as dining cars and sleepers in addition to passenger cars and had been used by not only Japan National Railways(JNR) but also private railways.

It had been versatile cars by responding to local trains, express trains and limited express trains.

It had been regularly operated all over Japan till beginning of 1980's just before government plan to privatize the national railways(JR).

Even after then, a few cars have been used as event trains and sightseeing trains.



AST-Y153 JNR Observation RTR

AST-Y151 JNR Coach KIT

  • Specifications

    • 1:32 Scale / 45mm Gauge

    • Steel body, Brass casting Construction

    • R2 (Coach), R4 (Observations)

    • Length: 650 mm

    • Width: 92.4 mm

    • Height: 137 mm

    • Weight: 4.0 kg (Coach), 4.0 kg (Observation)

  • Features

    • Brass casting sprung trucks

    • Metal wheels

    • Full interior details

    • Full underbody details

    • Operating doors

    • Working knuckle couplers

    • Interior lighting


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