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J&M Models - L&SWR Suburban Coaches (1:32)

J&M Models - L&SWR Suburban Coaches (1:32)

J&M Models -  We have been delighted with the level of sales of the new Radial Tank and hope you enjoy running yours. We are also pleased to announce that we will be able to offer matching L&SWR suburban coaches to accompany the locomotive, hand-assembled from brass J&M etches with Accucraft roller-bearing trucks, they will be available in simplified L&SWR salmon pink and brown, Southern Railway green, BR green and BR carmine, $800 each, they will be offered with a 5% discount for a set of four (two brake thirds, a first/third composite and an all third) or with a 10% discount for those customers who have bought a Radial Tank from us.   Salmon pink and brown liveries are $850. Please contact our office to pre-order these coaches and claim your discount.


The production is limited.



  • Models

    □ R32-20A J&M L&SWR Brake Third, salmon pink & brown
    □ R32-21A J&M L&SWR All Third, salmon pink & brown 
    □ R32-22A J&M L&SWR First/Third Composite, salmon pink & brown 
    □ R32-23A J&M L&SWR 4 Coach set, salmon pink & brown

    □ R32-20B J&M L&SWR/SR Brake Third, Southern Railway green
    □ R32-21B J&M L&SWR/SR All Third, Southern Railway green 
    □ R32-22B J&M L&SWR/SR First/Third Composite, Southern Railway green
    □ R32-23B J&M L&SWR/SR 4 Coach Set, Southern Railway green

    □ R32-20C J&M L&SWR/BR Brake Third, BR green
    □ R32-21C J&M L&SWR/BR All Third, BR green 
    □ R32-22C J&M L&SWR/BR First/Third Composite, BR green
    □ R32-23C J&M L&SWR/BR 4 Coach set, BR green

    □ R32-20D J&M L&SWR/BR Brake Third, BR carmine
    □ R32-21D J&M L&SWR/BR All Third, BR carmine 
    □ R32-22D J&M L&SWR/BR First/Third Composite, BR carmine
    □ R32-23D J&M L&SWR/BR 4 Coach set, BR carmine


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