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Ride On - RGS Goose #7, 2.5" Scale, 7.25" or 7.5" Gauge (Deposit)

Ride On - RGS Goose #7, 2.5" Scale, 7.25" or 7.5" Gauge (Deposit)

Accucraft Ride-on - In the 1930's, Colorado's famous Rio Grande Southern Railroad introduced the "Galloping Goose", a curious combination of Pierce-Arrow automobile parts and mechanics imagination that could carry passengers, freight and mail with one man crew. The "Galloping Goose" provided the Rio Grande Southern Railroad with real operating economy allowing the railroad to operate for another twenty years while endearing itself to generations of railfans and tourists.  For the first time,  Accucraft Goose #7 body is made in Japan.   


D7-07    RGS Goose #7 w/o the electronic control    List $6995.00, Pre-sale $6495.00

D7-07E    RGS Goose #7 with electronic control    List $7500.00, Pre-sale $6995.00

Price doesn't include freight, FOB Union City


To reserve yours, a non-refundable deposit of $300 is required.  The deposit will be applied towards the cost of your model.  We will contact you when the product is ready for delivery.

Shipping not included, FOB Union City, California


  • Specifications

    • 7 1/2" or 7 1/4" Gauge,  2.5" Scale

    • Length - 107", Width - 15.5", Height - 25.2"

    • Mini radius - 15 feet

    • Weight: TBD

    • Battery powered 1 x 24V 350W motor, 1 x 24V 250W motor with electrical brake (two 12V batteries - not included)

    • Deep cycle marine batteries recommended

    • Chain drive

    • 3 working LED head lights

    • Klaxon horn

    • 6~8 mph

    • Rear coupler pocket / pull bar


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